GoSAT products

Popular GoSat smart TVs and all technology for receiving and displaying satellite, terrestrial and Internet TV broadcasting. From antennas, receivers and satellite modules to amplifiers, multi switches and converters.

Satellite LNB GoSAT GSC-202 Monoblok 4,3 Twin

from 33,67 € incl. VAT

Antenna splitter GoSat GSS100

from 1,17 € incl. VAT

Antenna amplifier GoSAT GS110LTE

from 17,76 € incl. VAT

SMART box GoSAT GS950T2 Combo

from 77,00 € incl. VAT

Satellite converter GoSAT GSC-101 Single

from 4,54 € incl. VAT

Antenna 8 way splitter GoSat GSS108

from 7,75 € incl. VAT

Set-top box GoSAT GS240T2, newly including Youtube videos, IPTV channels and a redesigned MENU appearance.

from 24,50 € incl. VAT

Satellite multiswitch GoSAT GS13138E

from 162,69 € incl. VAT