Antenna hubs GoSAT

How to deal with the division of the antenna signal into multiple devices? GoSAT antenna hub. The received signal is fed to the input and then evenly divided into two to eight outputs according to the selected model. It is important that the received signal is strong enough because signal splitting causes pass-through dB attenuation.

Antenna 2 ways splitter GoSat GSS102

from 3,59 € incl. VAT

Antenna 3 way splitter GoSat GSS103

from 3,97 € incl. VAT

Antenna 4 way splitter GoSat GSS104

from 5,48 € incl. VAT

Antenna 6 way splitter GoSat GSS106

from 6,42 € incl. VAT

Antenna 8 way splitter GoSat GSS108

from 7,75 € incl. VAT

Antenna splitter GoSat GSS100

from 1,17 € incl. VAT