Satellite converter GoSAT GSC-101 Single

Satellite converter GoSAT GSC-101 Single

Satellite converter GoSAT GSC-101 Single

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The GoSAT GSC-101 Single satellite converter is a great universal single converter for one participant. It is especially suitable for simple installations and for turning devices.Fullband.

With weather protection

Input 10.7--11.7GHz 11.7--12.75GHz
Output 950--1950MHz 1100--2150MHz
LO Frekv. 9.75GHz 10.6GHz
LO Initial Accuracy (﹫25℃) ±1MHz
LO Temperature Drift (﹫-30℃∽+60℃) ±3MHz
LO Phase Noise (﹫ 1KHz offset) ﹣60 dBc/Hz(Max.)
(﹫ 10KHz offset) ﹣75 dBc/Hz(Max.)
(﹫ 100KHz offset) ﹣90 dBc/Hz(Max.)
Noise Figure 0.1dB(Typ.)
Conversion gain 55--65dB
Gain Variation (over operating band) 6 p-p(Max.)
Gain Flatness (any 27 MHz) ±0.75dB
Cross pol. isolation 18dB(Min.) 20(Typ.)
Image Rejection 40dB(Min.)
1dB compresstion point 0dBm(Min.)
Output VSWR 2.5:1(Max.)
LO spurious ﹫22KHz -45 dBc(Max.)
LO harmonic and non-harmonic spurious -55 dBc(Max.)
DC Current consumption 120mA(Max.)
Polarization switching voltage Vertical:10.5--14,5V Horizontal:15.5--21V
Band switching voltage 150mV--350mV
Band switching frequency High band: 22±4kHz tone
regulator of ripple 20mV(Max.)
Operation Temperature ﹣30℃--﹢60℃
Output connector 75∏ F type
LO shift (13V/18v) 0KHz

Technical parameters

Type: single
Outputs: single

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