Satellite multiswitch GoSAT GS171724E

Satellite multiswitch GoSAT GS171724E

Satellite multiswitch GoSAT GS171724E

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Series 17 multiswitch

It is a multiswitch for distribution of terrestrial and satellite signals from 4 satellite positions (16 polarities) for 24 (GS171724E) subscribers. Multiswitches are equipped with outputs for cascade connection. The multiswitch is controlled from the satellite receiver by DiSEqC 2.0 commands. The multiswitch is powered by an external source.


Frequency range Terr .: 47 ~ 862MHz SAT: 950 ~ 2150MHz
Inputs 16 SAT + 1 Terr.
Outputs 24
Through attenuation
Terr. 4 dB
SAT 4 dB
Turn attenuation
Terr. 6 dB
SAT 5 dB
Reflection absorption
Terr. 12 dB
SAT 12 dB
Band stop
Terr. 28 dB
SAT 28 dB
H / V 30 dB

Max input level
Terr. 102.5dBuV.
SAT 114.5 dBuV

Power adapter: 100 ~ 240V AC / Output: 18V, 2000mA
Dimensions (l x w x h), mm 362x280x42

Technical parameters

Number of satellites: 4
Number of outputs: 24

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