Antenna amplifier GoSAT GS310LTE

Antenna amplifier GoSAT GS310LTE

Antenna amplifier GoSAT GS310LTE

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The GoSAT GS310 LTE is a three-input mast amplifier manufactured by SMT technology in a new, improved design, with increased weathering and vibration resistance. The amplifier has been designed to meet all the requirements for digital TV reception in accordance with applicable CE directives. The amplifier is suitable for indoor and outdoor installation. Individual VHFII, DAB and UHF inputs have separate resistance trimmer gain control, + 12V amplifier power supply is realized remotely via coaxial cable through the output, for DAB and UHF inputs it is possible to turn on power for + 12V preamplifiers via jumpers (jampr's). The amplifier has good linearity across the amplified band and excellent signal to noise ratio. A good output level ensures good signal distribution. The plastic housing of the amplifier guarantees increased protection against weather conditions and is adapted to be mounted on a mast (max. Diameter approx. 55mm using FeZn yoke with M4 threads) as well as on the wall, inputs and outputs are on F-connectors.

Technical parameters :

- preamplifier input : 1pc UHF band (470-790MHz)
- preamplifier input : 1pc DAB (160-260MHz)
- preamplifier input : 1 pc VHF II FM (87,5-108MHz)
- preamplifier output : 1pcs VHF II + DAB + UHF band without LTE
- Operating frequency : 87.5-108MHz + 160-260 MHz + 470-790 MHz
- gain at VHF / DAB / UHF inputs : 20 dB / 20 dB / 34 dB
- input gain regulation trimmer VKVII / DAB / UHF : 0 to -15dB / 0 to -15dB / 0 to -15dB
- own noise in work. VHF / DAB / UHF band : 3dB / 3 dB / 8 dB
- max output level for 2TV channels VHF / UHF : 108dBµV / 114BµV
- input connector : 3 x Ff
- output connector : 1 x Ff
- power supply to the amplifier output : 12V / 100mA
- power supply of preamplifiers to DAB and UHF inputs : yes, jumper's switchable
- outdoor and indoor use : yes
- operating temperature : -10 ... + 65 ° C
- weight : 0,25 kg
- package size : 110 x 110 x 48 mm

Technical parameters

Execution: on the mast
Number of inputs: 3
Number of outputs: 1
Reinforcement: 33dB
Atributes required: FM input, LTE / 4G filter, regulation of gain

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